Something ‘simp’ for your monday

We all know that sometimes all you need is that remarkably simple yet remarkably elegant idea to brighten up your day. In order to keep it simp, yet elegant this Monday we have decided to showcase some of the best that simp and elegant has to offer.

First off: in a very amusing run through of the many uses of the rubber band (we recommend you visit this article), we were gifted this fantastic bind using a paper clip and rubber band. This low-fi but edgy bind could be just the solution for when you find yourself in a bind for a last-minute present or presentation.


Now for number two: we know how much you love to preserve memories – whether it be a letter from a loved one, a photograph documenting that unforgettable moment or an object that carries you away to a different time. Now we found found the perfect (and perfectly easy!) book for just this purpose; the envelope book! With a tutorial from Martha Stewart herself, you cannot possibly go wrong on this one.


Finally, this one may take a little time but if you fancy something incredible without having to sew a stitch then this is definitely the one for you. May we present, the piano hinge book, courtesy of bumblingacrossletterboxes!



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