Hello to a new crafting community in Johannesburg! 

We are launching our new Melville based bookbinding studio with a single course for now, one for the beginners, but also something that may be able to teach some new binds to those who have a little experience.

The course shall begin where any good course should – with the basic principles of bookbinding including terminology, techniques and some tips on procedures for working with both paper and cotton based fabrics when making books and book covers. Once the basics are covered, its time to begin cutting and binding. The course will also aim to expose all participants to some new materials available in Johannesburg, and put you in touch in touch with suppliers who can help you become fluent in your own design style – something for the romance lovers when we could integrate photographs and dreamy textiles, or something more edgy and clean cut for those with eye for sleek design, interested in new paper technologies.

Over the four lessons, we will teach:

  • The pamphlet book


  • The perfect bind


  • Japanese bind


  • Coptic stitch book


Included in the course subscription are the basic tools, as well as the materials that will be needed to complete all the books shown. The tool kit will be something that you keep, so that you can continue to create unique pieces on your own.

To tie off the course, we will have a tutorial on some applications for the binds that you’ve learned: everything from signature portfolios, client presentation books, design sketch pads, photo albums and photo journals to gifts that include your own words and images.